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Gooseberries on the School plot






Blackcurrant Liqueur - Cassis

500gr/1lb blackcurrants
350gr/12oz sugar
600ml/1pt brandy

3.5cm/1.5in cinnamon stick
2/3 cloves
6 fresh blackcurrant leaves

Put the blackcurrants in a basin and mash with a potato masher. Put in a large bottle* with the leaves and spices, if using. Add the brandy and sugar, cover tightly and leave in a warm place for one to two months.

Strain, squeezing out as much juice as possible, pour into sterilized bottles and seal tightly. Makes about 900ml/1.5 pints. Or you can filter it into a jug and drink thereof. (It is quite strong).

Ours gets put in the airing cupboard and forgotten, usually remembered about Xmas.

*A large sweetie jar is used in this household, as a quantity is made. Haven't tried plastic.




Uncooked Raspberry Jam

1kg/2lb ripe raspberries
1kg/2lb sugar
A little brandy

Put the raspberries and sugar in separate bowls in a preheated oven; 180C/350F/Gas Mark 4, for about 20 minutes or until they are really hot. Add the sugar to the fruit and beat together until the sugar has dissolved. Pour into small hot sterilized jars. Brush a little brandy on the waxed side of each jam cover. Makes about 1.75 kg/4lb.

This is the only fruit that can be treated in this way, and the result is superb. It will keep for up to two months - if it gets the chance.



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