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Shakespeare's sonnets, with commentaries, annotations, and much more. Sonnets

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 Poems by Sir Thomas Wyatt
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Three Sisters  

Uncle Vanya  

The Cherry Orchard  


Yevgeny Onegin
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A superb book which explores the close relationship between Southwell and Shakespeare. There are more verbal parallels, echoes and borrowings from Southwell by Shakespeare than from any other author, not excluding Holinshed and North (Plutarch). On the basis of John Klause's discoveries much of Shakespearean biography will have to be rewritten. I highly recommend this book to all those interested in Shakespeare's inner life.  
The book is unfortunately out of print.  But it is available in full on line here on the Sonnets web site. Click here for further details.
Joh Klause

Marlowe in Henry V : a Crisis of Shakespearian Identity?
An original work by Dr. Thomas Merriam on the conflict of themes in Shakespeare' Henry V, militarism versus humanism.
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Spragglesea Mead and Dean's Ham Allotment Association web site.

St. Michael's Church, Cumnor, Oxfordshire.

Bell Ringers

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Old tapestry 
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